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IS –FRESH®, It uses the power of light to clean the surface of fabrics and at the same time clean the air.


In its area of influence you can breathe healthier, cleaner and fresher air. It reduces cleaning and maintenance costs thanks to its self-cleaning capacity on fabrics, lengthens the useful life while maintaining their original appearance, protecting them from bacterial presence and stopping the production of bad odors. IS –FRESH®, is part of a new concept that aims to improve the protection conditions of passengers by providing a cleaner and healthier environmenth It belongs to a new family of fabrics that interact intelligently (IS = Interactive and Smart) with the user and the environment becoming a useful element beyond the aesthetic or design function.

IS –FRESH®,bases its functionality on the photocatalytic oxidation process produced by ultraviolet rays on the fabric UTechnology UV) PCOV producing a decomposition of the organic matter deposited on its surface to facilitate its systematic elimination. It is a new exponent of nanotechnology to the service of hygiene and health in the form of "Green Cleaning" improving the sustainability of the Environment according to the memorandum of the "European Commission for Transport" EU Public / Private Smart Move High Level Group.

IS–FRESH®,and its properties:

  • Dirt repellency
  • Self-cleaning UV PCO technology
  • Active hygiene MH “4
  • Eliminates bacterial activity U77O77íV
  • Stops the formation of odors
  • Prevents allergies
  • Air purification
  • Excellent rubbing durability
  • Duration 5 GL washes
  • Maintenance costs reduction