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About us

AUNDE Spain is a company integrated within the AUNDE Group, a textile company founded in 1899 in Mönchengladbach (Germany), initially dedicated to the fashion textile industry. Today, AUNDE Group has become a Global Player in the automotive industry. AUNDE Spain in particular is supplying textiles for public transport (trains, buses and railways). 

The AUNDE Group's business is focused on the world of transport (automobile, bus, commercial vehicle, truck, train and aircraft), being one of the 100 most important automotive suppliers in the world. AUNDE SA was the first plant that the AUNDE Group acquired outside of Germany, and with which it began its international expansion.


Our Mission

Once again, AUNDE, S.A. exceeds its standards of reliability, comfort, convenience, innovation and flexibility to adapt to any sectoral regulations on safety, in a clear demonstration of the indisputable effectiveness of our continuous improvement work in meeting the needs of its end customers: its passengers.

Aware of the extreme importance of the design of the textile products that we commercialize, as one of the added values ​​of our sector, AUNDE, S.A. has bet and convinced, again, with the application of the most modern computer design techniques.