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IS–PURE®, it provides "antibacterial" protection to fabrics for passenger seats, headboards, curtains, etc ... and offers various solutions to both users and operators.


It slows the formation of odors, offers protection, improves hygiene, improves comfort, is permanent and does not pose any risk to people. IS – PURE® is part of a new concept that aims to improve the protection conditions for passengers by providing a cleaner and healthier environment. It belongs to a new family of fabrics that interact intelligently (IS = Interactive and Smart) with the user and the environment, becoming a useful element beyond the aesthetic or design function.

IS –PURE®, bases its functionality on the action of silver ions 0g "E that are coupled to bacteria affecting the respiratory process in its outer membrane until its destruction in this way its reproductive process and tissue colonization are interrupted" It is a new technology to hygiene and health service in the form of "Green Cleaning" improving environmental sustainability according to the memorandum of the "European Commission for Transport" EU Public Private Smart Move High Level Group.

IS–PURE®, y sus propiedades:

  • Eliminates bacterial activity
  • Log – - ;%%L% +
  • Stops the formation of odors
  • Active hygiene UHM3
  • Prevents allergies
  • Maximum breathability
  • Excellent rub durability
  • Duration D TCC washes