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IS –VITAL®, provides solutions with a high hygienic impact on fabrics, hospital-level disinfection, protection from molds and fungi, a broad spectrum of bacterial and microbial cleaning and odor elimination for fabrics for passenger seats, headboards, curtains, etc ... and it is a guarantee of hygiene for users and operators.


IS –VITAL®, It is part of a new concept that aims to improve passenger protection conditions by providing a cleaner and healthier environment. It belongs to a new family of fabrics that interact intelligently (IS = Interactive and Smart) with the user and the environment, becoming a useful element beyond the aesthetic or design function.

IS –VITAL®, its functionality is based on selective oxidation that acts at first on the outer membrane of bacteria and viruses to then slow down the protein activity of its nucleus, thus interrupting its reproductive cycle. It is a new technology at the service of hygiene and health in the form of "Green Cleaning" improving the sustainability of the Environment according to the memorandum of the "European Commission for Transport" EU Public Private Smart Move High Level Group.

IS–VITAL® its properties:

  • Eliminates presence of mites
  • Eliminates bacteria or microbes
  • It acts in a broad viral spectrum5o HHNH U HIV U Ebola U Hepatitis B and CT
  • Log - 1 L –– A ––– EV
  • Eliminate odors U
  • Prevents allergiesT
  • Preventive hygiene T
  • Total disinfection T