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IS –CLEAN®, provides a "super hydrophobic" protection to the fabrics used for passenger seats and offers various solutions to both users and operators. 


Extends the useful life of fabrics while maintaining their original appearance by controlling the absorption of spilled liquids, avoiding staining and facilitating their cleaning. IS –CLEAN®, is part of a new concept that aims to improve the protection conditions for passengers by providing a cleaner and healthier environment. It belongs to a new family of fabrics that interact intelligently (IS = Interactive and Smart) with the user and the environment, becoming a useful element beyond the aesthetic or design function.

IS –CLEAN®, Its functionality is based on the modification of the surface tension of the fabric, providing a maximum contact angle that facilitates the sliding of liquids, preventing them from penetrating the structure of the threads and end up absorbing organic matter. It is a new technology at the service of hygiene and health in the form of "Green Cleaning" improving the sustainability of the Environment according to the memorandum of the "European Commission for Transport" EU Public TPrivate Smart Move High Level Group.

IS–CLEAN®, and its properties:

  • Dirt repellency
  • Stain repellency
  • High impermeability
  • LOTOU effect Easy to clean
  • Facilitates graffiti cleaning
  • Excellent rubbing durability
  • Maximum breathability
  • Duration>> H washes
  • Reduces maintenance costs